Viewfinders Club Honors

         Bernie Wood - 2014





Club Information Downloads

   Club Video Library  (as of April 10, 2012)

   Constitution & By-Laws  (October 13, 2010)

   Rep. Michael Honda Letter to Viewfinders  (August 10, 2011)

   Club Promo Video of 2001  (.mov)


Jumpback/Revealer/Swipe/Lower-3rds Downloads

   Snowflake Burst  (69MB)

   Film Reel  (62MB)

   Halloween Ghosts (11MB)

   Drifting Hearts  (32MB)

   Space_Travel  (11MB)

   Baseball  (61MB)

   U.S. Banners in Wind  (40MB)

   U.S. Flag in Wind  (75MB)

   Under the Sea (68MB)

   Blue Sweeps (21MB)

   Halloween Ghosts (1.6MB)

   Exploding Dots Revealer (34MB)

   Colored Rectangles (46MB)

   Valentine Revealer (14MB)

   Sparkles Revealer (1.8MB)

   Shooting Star Revealer (2.3MB)

   Star Logo Revealer (7.7MB)

   Revolving Bands Logo Revealer (5.1MB)

   Fireworks Logo Revealer (8MB)

   Music Score Revealer (48MB)

   Movie Film Swipe (43MB)

   Daisies Swipe (40MB)

   Audio for Daisies Swipe (1.4MB)

   Falling Presents Swipe (46MB)

   Audio for Falling Presents Swipe (0.6MB)

   Merry Christmas (53MB)

   Five Tips to Use Jumpbacks (DJTV Link)

   Five Tips to Use Revealers (DJTV Link)

   Five Tips to Use Swipes (DJTV Link)

   Happy Face Swipe (25MB)

   Audio for Happy Face Swipe (1.1MB)

   Smoke-Trail-Swipe (24MB)

   Audio for Smoke Trail Swipe (1MB)

   Twirling Jacks Lower-Third (32MB)

   Blue Pattern Lower-Third (17MB)

   Yellow-Red Lower-Third (42MB)

   Radio-Wave-Lower-Third (26MB)

   Spinning Swirl Swipe (26MB)

   Audio for Spinning Swirl Swipe (1.3MB)

   Christmas Presents Wipe (45.4MB)

   Flower Petals Wipe (18.8MB)

   Happy Sun Wipe (16.4MB)

   Audio for Happy Sun Wipe (1MB)

   Squiggly Lines Wipe (14.7MB)

   Audio for Squiggly Lines Wipe (1.2MB)

   Happy Ducks Wipe (22.7MB)

   Audio for Happy Ducks Wipe (1.1MB)

   Cartoon Rainbow Wipe (16.5MB)

   Audio for Cartoon Rainbow Wipe (1.4MB)

   Orange Squares Revealer (65.8MB) (1.4MB)

   Audio for Orange Squares (1.2MB)

   Exploding Metal Revealer (42.4MB)

   Audio for Exploding Metal (1.6MB)

   Red Trapazoid Revealer (38.5MB)

   Red Side Scrollers (50.7MB)


Digital Juice Training Videos

   Using Jumpbacks  (8.3 minutes)

   Using Revealers  (11 minutes)

   Using Swipes  (8 minutes)

   Using Lower-Thirds  (8.5 minutes)

   Making Movie Messages  (6.2 minutes)


Club 2015 Contest Videos

   Red White & Blue  (YouTube)

   Cuban Art  (YouTube)

    Arbor Barbers from My Backyard   (YouTube)

    60 Lakes Basin   (YouTube)


Club 2014 Contest Videos

   Adventure of the "Mary" Rafters  (YouTube)

   Farce  (YouTube)

   A Tribute to Betty  (YouTube)


Club 2013 Contest Videos

   Quest for the Booming Dunes  (YouTube)

   On the Rocks  (YouTube)

   My Town  (YouTube)

   Green Design  (YouTube)

   Lake Mendota Cruise  (YouTube)


Club 2012 Contest Videos

   Half Dome Hiking Adventure  (YouTube)

   Roll The Credits.mp4  (YouTube)

   Dragon Slayers  (YouTube)

   Ano Nuevo Elephant Seals  (YouTube)

   Taliesin West  (.mov)

   Wishful Thinkin'  (YouTube)

   The Uninvited Guest  (YouTube)

   Aloha Oe on the Ivories  (YouTube)

   Virginia City Camel & Ostrich Races  (YouTube)


Club 2011 Contest Videos

   My Life in the Army  (.mov)

   The Final Harvest  (YouTube)

   Insert Movie Title Here  (YouTube)

   A Russian Is Coming  (.mov)

   Are We Ourselves  (YouTube)

   The Pick-up  (.mov)

   Wall of Shame  (.mov)

   Balloons  (.mov)

   Mystery in the Sky  (.mov)


Interesting Videos

   iMovie Greenscreen Tutorial (Life Videopedia)

   Better to Travel in Groups #1 (YouTube)

   Better to Travel in Groups #2 (YouTube)

   Better to Travel in Groups #3 (YouTube)

   Cart - The Film (Vimeo)

   Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder (YouTube)

   Terminator 2: Judgment Day (interview)  (57MB)

   Bitten by Love (YouTube)

   BIG REDD  (YouTube)

   EMMA (YouTube)

   A Piece of Cake (YouTube)

   Rex Naden: Landscape Photographer (Vimeo)

   Maybe Today (YouTube)

   Pompeii - by Twain (YouTube)

   Glaciers (YouTube)

   Six GoPro Stories (YouTube)

   Quadcopter TED Talk (www.TED.com)

   Glenn Mooty's Quadcopter Demo (YouTube)

   It's a Colorful World  (YouTube)

   My Trip to New York City  (YouTube)

   Roadtrip  (YouTube)

   Moving Out  (link)


Videography Articles

   How to Make a Storyboard (.pdf)

   DVD Packaging (.pdf)

   Audio Sweeting/Fixes (.pdf)

   How to Make a Viral Video (.pdf)

   Location Release Form (.pdf)

   Nepal Shoot Presentation (.pptx 66.8MB)

   Making Family History Videos (.pdf)


Technology Resources

   Chet Davis, Technology Tutor 

   Crazy Talk

   Jeff Vargen, Accidental Productions

   A/V Reference (.mov 16.4MB)


Available Club Library Equipment/Software

     (donated by Wayne Ott)

     (unopened box)


One of the benefits of Club membership is having access to this "Members Only" website page. You'll see below a number of specific categories of useful information to help you become better informed and involved with other Club members, not to mention a new way to share your videography work within the Club (as opposed to sharing it with the rest of the world, e.g. YouTube). There are a number of downloads that you might find useful such as the "Club Constitution & By-Laws" which every Club member should read at least once. There is even a section where you can "post" equipment/software that you want to dispose of (FREE or minimum asking price) that may be useful for other Club members (send the info to our Club ).