Completed Viewfinders Productions

TITLE Maybe Today (2006)

STORY  A lonely, elderly man hopes to find companionship on his local bus service. But shyness and natural reserve make things difficult. QT Trailer


awards  AMPS, 10 Best of the West, NCCAMC

festivals  AMPS 2006, NCCAMC 2006, Regensburg 2013

TITLE Dearly Departed (2007)

STORY  A woman, fearful that her husband, a non-believer, will not join her in Heaven, hatches a plot to gain him admittance.

award 10 Best of the West

TITLE: Two Left Feet (2008)

STORY  A retired man, bored with his life, decides that dancing lessons will open new worlds for him. QT Trailer

awards AMPS, AMMA, 10 Best of the West

TITLE The Interrogation (2009)

STORY  In a harshly lit room one man sits at a table being grilled by two people, a man and a woman. They repeatedly ask him to admit to his crime. They know he did it. He remains silent about the accusation. The proof is finally presented. QT Trailer

TITLE Through the Dark Glass (2010)

STORY  A man leaves his home to go on a walk. He encounters people that act in a way of great indifference towards him. However, he sees more than they think. QT Trailer

award SCCA


This year's Video Productions Group's movie "The Thief" is a short movie about art theft and deception with exciting chase scenes, tension, a surprise ending and a concluding counter-surprise. The movie is in pre-production with a written script completed. The team is currently looking for shoot locations and the casting talent. The shooting schedule will be based on location selection and talent availability.


The production crew and assignments are in process, so there is time for additional Club members to join the VPG. We try to approach our Club movies in a professional manner. The job duties have been establilshed and titles defined, such as Director, Writer, Production Manager, Director of Photography, Video Editor, Lighting Director, Sound Director and Project Designer. Along with these there is the need for grips, gaffers and assistants for many positions. Casting for the main characters and extras is currently in process.


All members of the Viewfinders Club are encouraged at any point in the project to become part of this movie production either as a crew member, actor or extra. The best way to learn is through on-the-job training and observation - no experience required. Contact if you'd like to become involved or just want to observe and learn more about the Club's Video Production Group. It's an experience that you'll cherish for years to come!



Special Production Feature: Hollywood Film Directing

This past June a special teleseminar was held on the topic of film directing, namely "The Three Core Elements of Directing a Successful Feature Film". Chris Soth, the host of this event, had two guests: Mark W. Travis and Gil Bettman, who are well know in the business of film screenwriting and directing. If you'd like to know the five essentials for writing a script that directors look for before taking on a project, or what the three types of camera movements that make your movies look professional, and a whole lot more about directing, this audio teleseminar is what you need to listen to. The link to this 76-minute event is: TELESEMINAR #1. The link to the seminar's website is: Hollywood Film Directing where you can learn more about future seminars and source material.

Then again this August another special teleseminar on the topic of film directing, namely "Unlocking the Secrets of Award Winning Films" was held. In this TELESEMINAR #2 Chris Soth and his guests reveal the three "must have" techniques guaranteed to propel your film from good to great.

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The Viewfinders Club hopes you enjoy these new feature promos on our Productions page.


“The Thief”

Title for the Club’s 2012 movie production

Viewfinders Video Productions Group
Underway with This Year's Movie

One of the benefits of Club membership is having the opportunity to participate in the Viewfinders Video Productions Group either as an actor or as a member of the production crew. If you'd like to know more about this group or how you can become an active participant, come to our next Club meeting.