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The Viewfinders Digital Video Club is not planning on having any more regular monthly meetings like we have had for more than two decades. Instead the Club will provide a few focused activities in line with our mission. These include special events, field trips, and perhaps a Club movie production. See our Meetings page that hi-lites the happenings at our final get-together as a Club on April 30, 2017

Club Achievements

The Group has made national and internationally acclaimed award winning movies that include "Maybe Today" 2006, "Dearly Departed" 2007, "Two Left Feet" 2008, "The Interrogation" 2009 and "Through the Dark Glass" 2010. See our Productions page.

   The Final Club Regular Meeting
       was held on April 30, 2017

The Viewfinders Digital Video Club has been in existance for more than twenty years serving all amateur videographers of Silicon Valley. The purpose of the Club has been to enrich our local community with digital media by bringing together individuals of all backgrounds for the purpose of artistic creation. The Club provided an open, creative space for people of all ages to explore their creative freedom while providing the opportuning to connect with other amateur vidoegraphers. We wrapped-up 20 years of achievement with a dinner, special recognitions and screening of the Club's 5 movie productions - see the Meetings page for lots of photos.

   Final Regular Club Meeting
        Sunday, April 30, 2017

   Nov 16th Meeting Hi-lights
The Golden DVD Awards for best Club member movies of 2016 were presented by President, John Dietrich, as follows: 1st Place: "The Letter A" by Milt Kostner; 2nd Place: "Genentrek Campus Walk" by Ron Rhodes; 3rd Place "St. Mark's Choir" by Jack Gorham. Honorable Mentions were "Grape Stomping Then and Now" by Janet Holl, and "Snickers Bar" by John Dietrich. The Golden DVD Award winning movies were screened as well. Following the delightful hors d'oeuvres at the break, Keith Graham screened his "We Built This City", a musical homage to San Francisco featuring the song of the same title by Starship; photography and editing by Keith.


      Living for the View
Checkout this July 2011 news article about the Viewfinders Club written by staff writer Cathy Fitzpatrick-Platt for the locally distributed Cupertino Courier. In the article Cathy tells about how the "love of movie-making brings the Club members together" to produce better and better movies with each production as individuals as well as collectively in the Club Production Group.

Viewfinders Digital Video Club Member Benefits

These are some of the benefits that are more in line with our current organizational structure:

1. Viewfinders Focused Events. Every Club member is strongly encouraged to participate in any and all of the focused events that are announced on this website. Although not relevant any longer, you may still want to take the time to watch the short promo clip that the Club made in 2012 to see what we were like as a non-profit organization with regular monthly meetings run by all volunteers.

2. Viewfinders Monthly Newsletter. This colorful publication is not being produced any longer. However, we urge you to peruse the Newsletter page of this website to locate articles in past issues that may interest and help you produce better quality videos.

3. Screening Eligibility. By being a Club member you'll be able to have your video(s) screened during one of our special event nights. This will give you the opportunity to receive feedback from the audience on the good and bad of your production.

4. Club Movie-making Production Crew. A special interest group of the Club called the Viewfinders Video Productions Group has not produced a Club movie for some time, but there is some interest by several Club members to forge ahead and produce one in 2017. In the past, the Club produced six movies that were entered in local, national and international contests/festivals. Our award-winning movies include "Maybe Today", “Dearly Departed”, “Two Left Feet” and "Through the Dark Glass" which won an award by the Society of Canadian Cine Amateurs. Note: see our Productions page for trailers of most of them.

5. Club Annual Membership Video Contest. This year there will be no Annual Club Member Video Contest. However, Club members are encouraged to continue making movies either individually or in a group. If there are enough movies produced during the year, the Club may hold a special screening night for those productions.

6. Viewfinders Communications. The Club Roster contains member names, phone numbers, E-mail addresses, and videography equipment that each of us uses. The Club Roster is still being maintained by the Club Treasurer, and updates are available only to those who were members at the end of 2016. Regarding future events such as field trips, visits to other technical organization such as the SMPTE, and the making of a Club movie, periodically keep an eye out on this website. In the past we have spent an evening at Lucas Films at the San Francisco Presidio, at Pixar Films in Emeryville, at the Dolby Sound Studios in San Francisco, the NBC Channel 3 news studio in San Jose, and the San Jose Tech Museum where we witnessed the taping of Scott Budman's TechNow show that aired March 10, 2012.

7. The SCCA [Society of Canadian Cine Amateurs]. Since the Viewfinders Club has a courtesy membership in the SCCA, Viewfinders Club members qualify to enter the SCCA's Annual Movie Contest that is held in late Summer or Fall of each year. For example, Club member Frank Swanson, won the SCCA's "Best Use of Sound" Award in 2010 for his movie EMMA.